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ModelVerify performs an independent professional audit of your model to increase confidence and decrease risk of misinforming decisions that may impact your bottom line.


of spreadsheet models contain errors1

45% are incorrect calculations.

24% are incorrect cell pointers or typing errors.

31% are omissions of important model components or dynamics.

1. Panko, R.R. and Halverson, R.P., Jr. (2001). An experiment in collaborative spreadsheet development. Journal of the Association for Information Systems; 2(4), July.

“Research on spreadsheet errors is substantial, compelling and unanimous.  Errors are extremely difficult to detect and correct, and spreadsheet developers are highly overconfident in the accuracy of their spreadsheets.” 2

Raymond R. Panko, PhD, MBA, Professor Emeritous Shidler College of Business

2. Panko, R.R. (2015). Spreadsheet Risk Management. Proceedings of the EuSpRIG 2015 Conference ISBN: 978-1-905404-52-0.

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Logic errors:

  • Misplaced or absent parentheses
  • Circular references
  • Array formulas referencing incomplete arrays
  • Missing input values
  • Incorrect answers due to error supression functions (IFERROR, ISERROR, ISNA, etc.)
  • Double-counting totals
  • Divide by zero errors
  • Incorrect links to external files
  • Incorrect lookup results
  • Calculations referencing non-numeric values
  • Reference errors (#REF)
  • Calculation errors due to inserting or deleting rows or columns
  • Calculation to incorrect precision
  • Incorrect use of OR and AND functions

Mechanical errors: 

  • Incorrect cell pointers
  • Transposition errors
  • Orphan inputs
  • Numbers entered in cells formatted as text
  • Cells containing a space
  • Names defined for an incomplete range
  • Incorrect lookup ranges
  • ##### display
  • Inconsistencies in a pattern of formulas

Omission errors:

  • Model components or dynamics defined in requirements are not present

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